• Gold Leaf - Real 23Kt gold which has been beaten to incredibly thin sheets - as
    sheer as gossamer. Gold leaf is a little difficult to work with, but nothing else gives
    quite the same effect. It never tarnishes and doesn't need a protective coating.
    Since Gold Leaf sticks to any painted surface, it must be applied before the other
    colors are used.

  • Shell Gold - Real 23Kt gold ground to a fine powder and mixed with a medium to
    produce a gold 'paint'. In the old days this was sold in one half of a mussel shell -
    hence the name.

  • Gold Gouache - A water-based paint which mimics the appearance of Shell Gold.
    Used to touch up Gold Leaf and Shell Gold.

  • Acrylic Paint - Medieval illuminations were painted in egg tempera. Modern acrylic
    paint produces a flat, opaque, velvety effect very similar to the older medium.
    Acrylics are also used for the watercolor washes.

  • Paper - Acid-free, 146 lb., hot-press bristol board.

  • Waterproof India Ink - Used for outlining and fine details of the drawing.