About Rich Hours Art
The Art of the Illuminated Letter
Dorothy Tyor Muson
I have been a painter for many years, specializing in both portraits and landscapes. A
dozen years ago, on a trip to Italy, I became fascinated with medieval manuscripts and, in
particular, the use of gold leaf in illustrations. Eager to try this technique, I began to make
small initial letters, using my skills as a portraitist and landscape painter to combine a
likeness of the subject with scenes of a special event or interest.

As the enthusiasm for this artwork has spread, I branched out beyond my local gallery
representation and in June 2007 launched this new art venture -
Rich Hours Art.

Each Illuminated Letter is a personalized artwork. The design is based on photographs of
the recipient, information about their interests (pets?, hobbies?, vocation?), initial or
monogram, memorable dates and other data to make the result truly unique. Genuine
23kt gold leaf and rich colors add to the luxurious look of the letter. As many are given as
gifts, I frame each Illuminated Letter in an 8" x 10" wood/gold leaf frame so that it is
complete and ready for display.

Please take a look at the
Sample Illuminated Letters to get some ideas of how an
Illuminated Letter from
Rich Hours Art would make a perfect gift for a special person - or
for yourself.

To see my landscape and portrait work, please go to www.dtyor.com
My work is also displayed at www.newyorkartists.net and www.absolutearts.com